Event Space TIAT SKY HALL Rental 


Different ways of using TIAT SKY HALL are introduced here. From music events to movie premieres, seminars, parties and wedding receptions, TIAT SKY HALL can be used in many different ways.
The layout of the hall is highly changeable to meet your event needs.

Example of Layout

With different possible layouts incorporating the permanent unit stage and a 330-inch screen, as well as state-of-the-art sound and lightning systems, TIAT SKY HALL enables space to transform based on the purpose of use, such as music events, film screening, press conferences and seminars. Being directly connected to the airport, it also has the highest level of capacity. Events for a variety of different purposes can be held.

Piano Concerts

With a space design composed of sound-reflecting panels and sound problem prevention walls, TIAT SKY HALL is a high-quality acoustic space. The hall provides a superior sound experience that makes it perfect for piano concerts.

Parties & Banquets

Party plans with 5,000-yen courses (all-you-can-drink; tax not included) are available. Create a festive atmosphere with audio and lighting production.

Music Events

(Facilities: unit stage and chairs) 246 capacity
A great number of high-production value lighting effects and patterns are available. With the wall design which has adjustable sound reflection and reverberation control, TIAT SKY HALL makes it possible to hold events that take full advantage of its acoustic features.

Prerelease Film Screenings / Movie Premieres

(Facilities: unit stage, chairs and screen)
With a 330-inch screen and a cinema-quality sound system, TIAT SKY HALL can provide powerful film screenings and movie premieres.

News Conferences

(Facilities: unit stage, long tables and chairs)
TIAT SKY HALL can be used for press conferences such as new product announcement by placing the height-adjustable unit stage in an horizontal orientation (H:60cm).

Lectures & Seminars

(Facilities: unit stage, chairs and screen)
Being directly connected to the airport and readily accessible, TIAT SKY HALL is the ideal place to hold domestic and international conferences, corporate training seminars, and company briefings.