Tokyo Rental Hall / Event Space 

Connect with Diverse Cultures and People


A new space is newly opened in Haneda Airport,
the path from the city of Tokyo to the world.

TIAT SKY HALL has placed in Haneda Airport, where Japan meets the world. It is a multipurpose hall with the design concept of presenting Japan's traditions, culture and creativity and creating a space where diverse cultures and people interact.

Conveniently accessible from anywhere in Tokyo and available even to domestic transfer passengers, TIAT SKY HALL is a base to present new information to the world. It is bursting with endless possibilities as a new communication space. Besides airline customers, TIAT SKY HALL is also open to the general public.

Design ConceptSpace for presenting Japan's traditions,
culture and creativity and where diverse cultures and people interact.

Solid space impressing with stateliness, composed of granite stone (Matrix Gold) and stainless steel

Combining both colors and tranquility, a space that arises expectations as it brings people and cultures together.

Design MotifsA variety of motifs makes up the design concept.
Embedded in the motifs are acoustic features required by the hall.

The design combines both style and functionality. The features' motifs that incorporate sound-reflecting
panels to reflect the sound from the stage to the audience,
spreading the sound evenly and measures to prevent acoustic problems like flutter echo.

  • Parquet Wall
    Gathers diverse cultures and individuality. Everyday tradition connected with modernity.
    *Functions as sound-reflecting panels to return sound from the stage to the audience
  • Board Fence
    Foundation for protecting tradition and culture
    Random-pattern siding
    Embodies variegated individuality
    *Prevents acoustic problems like flutter echoes.
  • Origami
    A symbol of creativity
    *Functions to evenly disperse sound from the stage
    Traditional Colors
    Rich texture and traditional colors create a distinctive design to TIAT SKY HALL